Frequently Asked Questions

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To keep your gate locks and hinges operating smoothly, we recommend checking the fixing screw tightness regularly. Also, lubricate any move parts every six months or so.

All glass meets Australian Standards

AS 1926 – swimming pool barriers

AS 1288 – glazing installation standards

AS 2208 – Australian standards for safety glass manufacturing

The best time to clean your fence is in the morning or late afternoon. Hose the glass down with clean water Use a soft brush to apply glass cleaner and water. Gently hose it down with good clean water and leave to air dry.

Our glass panels are generally between 10mm & 12mm in thickness, depending on the application. Glass gates are between 8mm & 12mm thick depending on the application.

It is important for pool owners to take into account government and local council laws and regulations when installing pool fencing.

Child safety around your pool is of primary concern, and for this reason Bursa Glass Fencing recommends that you contact your relevant local council to make sure you know what your responsibilities are as a pool owner.

One of the additional benefits of choosing to use glass pool fencing is that, while glass fencing is extremely tough, it is also a difficult material to climb and doesn’t have the “gaps” between palings that more traditional fencing can be prone to (INSERT)

You should also be aware that as a pool owner you are responsible not just for the installation of an appropriate pool fence, but also for the ongoing maintenance of your pool fence. For this reason, it is vital to choose a high quality pool fencing product and to ensure that a good job is done on the installation.

Glass can be customised to suit difficult areas by using raked or stepped panels.

All full height posts are stainless steel with stainless steel base plates and top caps.

The spigots used are all marine grade quality stainless steel.

We service the Melbourne metropolitan area, as well as the Mornington Peninsula.

Our glass panels are 1200mm high, so minimum installed height is 1230mm.

The spigots and full height posts can be core drilled into existing paving and concrete, they can also be mounted to deck when the deck has been strengthened with extra noggins underneath and in a garden bed they can be mounted into a concrete reinforced strip footing.